11/12/13 NOV

Festival Tickets

We recommend purchasing day tickets: The festival program is designed in such a way that visitors can watch two short monologues on one topic one after the other on the same evening. Afterwards we invite you to exchange ideas with snacks and music in the BAR WITH FEELING.

Please purchase your tickets beforehand at Reservix*

Tickets are available online until showtime. Some tickets will possibly be available at the box office. A reservation at the box office is not possible.

Day Ticket

two shows
€ 18.–
€ 12.–

Single Ticket

Single Monologue
€ 12.–
€ 8.–

*Plus a 10% presale charge by Reservix

Reduced Prices/ Accessibility/ “Tax Cards”

Reduced prices are valid for school and university students (30 years or younger), retirees, people with disabilities, “Bufdis” and people without income with according verification. People accompanying people in wheelchairs or people with severe disabilities (Merkzeichen B) can attend free of charge, please make sure to contact TD beforehand.

Accessibility is unfortunately limited. TD is located on the second floor and can be accessed by elevator. We kindly ask people with physical disabilities to contact us beforehand at 030 / 28 09 30 62 or [email protected].

“Tax Cards” can be booked as reduced tickets, if according verification is shown at the box office.

Hygiene/COVID Regulations

The venue is ventilated. Capacity and seating are in accordance to current regulations. We reserve the right to introduce an FFP2 mask requirement depending on the infection situation. Please visit us at a different time if you’re feeling any symptoms of a cold.

Monologfestival GbR
am TD Berlin,
Klosterstraße 44
11/12/13 NOV
Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa