11/12/13 NOV


For the 2022 Showcase of the Monologfestival, 6 monologues will climb into the ring of emotions over 3 days, and will playfully explore the crossroads at which we as a society grow close or continue to drift apart. We invite you to watch several short monologues in one evening and to chat and dance between performances in our BAR WITH FEELING - let your feelings run free in the direction of: A Becoming.A Could.A Different.

The very different solo works dare to openly show feelings in their confrontation and lower their weapons for their departure into a community. With fantastic storytelling, dance, music, performance and humor, these pieces deal with emotional issues, techniques of emotionalization and personal as well as social longings. With these revivals from the 2021 Monologfestival, under the motto FEELS LIKE: we are interested in exploring the individual and political potential of feelings and their real impact in terms of change and our ability to act.

Splitter of broken realities in meinem Herzen
Bruno Brandes & Team resample everyday observations from digital and analogue spheres in front of digital landscapes in their discourse theater. In a fascinating puzzle, they superimpose truths on another and mine emotions from the splitscreens of simultaneous realities.
Schönheit und Schrecken (lass dir alles geschehen)
Cora Rudy van Dongen cruises through the worlds of daily life like Barbarella in her extraterrestrial extravagances. Full of a growing fascination, glow and anger, trapped in the tunnel of a monologue. Will he explode like a star? Or will he be saved by an angel? A spaceship? PAS DE PUP MERCI!
A Beginners Guide to Worldbuilding
You, Need, Go, Search, Find, Take, Return, CHANGE: Through the means of dance, this solo performance takes a look at the methods of world and character building that claim to master the planability of imagination. What happens when they encounter the unpredictable and vulnerable of the moment in a performance?
EAE ‒ Die Reise von Erlangen über Biarritz auf die Insel des Ersten Allgemeinen Erfahrungsraums
In a detective story Thermoboy FK take us to a (yet) impossible communal state of being. We follow a programmer on his journey between real places and virtual spaces, in order to work on a project for humanity that will change everything.
Protect & Survive
This mixed-media performance, inspired by Audre Lorde explores who we are and why and how we could be. We are taken on a journey by a queen, or is she a goddess? A whore? A high priestess? She is all of these and more. She feels our spirits and reveals to us her manifold identities.
In the setup of a concert performance, Frauen und Fiktion celebrate the roots of a Future Love. They tear the kitsch out of stereotypical pop choruses and create love-lines beyond a boy-meets-girl-logic and classical romantic couples.
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11/12/13 NOV
Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa