We strive to provide staff support for people with disabilities on site. If necessary, please contact us beforehand at 030 / 28 09 30 62 or [email protected].

TD Berlin is located on the 2nd floor and can be accessed by elevator, which can be used after prior registration.

Unfortunately, there are no accessible sanitary facilities.

There is an accessible parking space directly in front of the TD entrance.

The subway station Klosterstraße has recently got an elevator, also directly in front of the TD’s door.

If you would like to be accompanied by a person registered on your badge, or if you need a wheelchair space or a seat cushion, please contact us beforehand at 030 / 28 09 30 62 or [email protected].


The event CHINCHILLA SPINN-OFF, waswas is offered as a relaxed performance with early boarding. Further information can be found on the event page linked above.

Some events will be supertitled. The languages spoken are listed in individual boxes under the date. Supertitles are abbreviated as SUB, followed by the language of the supertitles. Individual events are also supertitled in the spoken language.

Monologfestival GbR
am TD Berlin,
Klosterstraße 44
tip Berlin Theater der Zeit Rausgegangen taz Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt